Tech Roles: Playlist Tech | Livestream Switcher | Sound Mixer

Playlist Tech: Responsible for operating ProPresenter software on Sunday mornings, editing and updating slides for song lyrics, community life announcements, and the sermon, recording the podcast, beginning and ending the livestream.

Livestream Switcher: Responsible for operating the Atem Mini Camera Switcher on Sunday mornings, set up camera angles for the livestream, follow along with the gathering and make the visual aspect of the livestream pleasing for viewers.

Sound Mixer: Responsible for running the soundboard on Sunday mornings, working with the musicians, monitoring and mixing sound in house and for the livestream, running lighting software, executing transitions with the other technicians, opening and closing up tech booth


  • Willing to be trained/shadow other technicians a couple weeks in a row to start
  • Available to participate on a Sunday morning once every six weeks, and willing to step up in a pinch.
  • Appreciation for technical arts
  • Open to feedback
  • Computer savvy
  • Ability to multitask
  • Enjoys working behind the scenes
  • Punctual and reliable

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Trevor Daniels

Youth and Tech Director