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a community of churches called awaken


a community of churches called awaken

In 2010 on July 11th, a group of about 35 people gathered in Cherokee Heights Park on the bluffs of the Mississippi River overlooking Saint Paul.  They gathered to dream about a new community of people who found life, purpose and mission in the life, teachings, death and resurrection of Jesus the Christ.  They dreamt about a church that was a safe place for people to ask questions and to wrestle with faith, life and doubt.  They dreamt of a group of people waking up to God's dream for the world, their neighborhoods and their own lives. 

That was the day Awaken Community was born.  

They met in the Joke Joint Comedy Club for nearly five years, slowly adding people and families to their number.  They gathered around the story of Jesus and the Eucharist.  They sang together, they met in one another's homes and served those around them who had need.  They responded to the invitation of God to be partners in the ongoing work of restoration and redemption.  They became a church. 

In 2015, after pushing the Joke Joint and its parking lot to the limits & 2 gatherings on Sundays, they moved across the Mississippi River to the old Saint James Catholic Church and began a new chapter as a spiritual community.  In its new location and neighborhood, Awaken grew beyond the capacity of its new sanctuary and quickly moved to 2 worship gatherings on Sunday mornings.  Wanting to say yes to the work of God among them, and stay in the neighborhood that was quickly becoming home, they brought on Daniel Lukas as a church planter in residence.  They cast a vision for Parish Model Church Planting and a network of churches with local Lead Pastors, connected to each in name, mission, vision and values.  

In September of 2017, Awaken East was born with Daniel as its Lead Pastor. 

Awaken is a community of churches in the Twin Cities whose mission is to partner with God in the renewal of all things. 

Click here to download the Parish Model Church Planting document and find out more about where we're headed. 

Click here if you missed the Emanate Series where we explain it in detail. 

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west 7th location

9:30 & 11am gatherings

506 view street, St. Paul

Lead Pastor: Micah Witham 



506 View Street

Saint Paul, MN 55102