If you love babies and want to bless our parents by holding and playing with their children, we'd love to have you in the nursery.  We believe young children are integral members of the family of God. When we keep them safe, treat them with respect, meet their needs and value them as being made in the image of their Creator, we are communicating to them on a very deep level that God is trustworthy, beautiful and good.


If you love little ones and all that comes with caring for babies and toddlers, we’d love to have you  join the nursery team.  Each gathering has opportunities to serve by rocking, playing, singing, praying, reading, etc. with the babies and one year olds so their parents can be a part of the worship experience.  It’s a great way to get to know other parents as well as others who are volunteering in the nursery.  It’s a very sweet community!


One gathering per month

Day of the Week


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