Pretty simple...we value Jesus. We value his life as an example for us, his death in our place to pay for sin, and his resurrection, which ensures new creation. Jesus will be at the center of everything we do.


We believe that the work of Jesus impacts every area of a person's life and culture. We reject unfounded categories that divide the world into uniquely sacred or purely secular. God is redeeming all of creation through Jesus.


We want our insides to match our outsides and we want to the kind of community where that is possible in the most appropriate ways. At AWAKEN we don't beat around the bush with tough issues and we commit to being honest with one another because we are interested in truth expressed in love and grace.


God is a creative God. We are made in the image of this God. Therefore, within every human is the desire and capability to create. AWAKEN values beauty, art, and the creative process where we tend to something from a vision in our minds/hearts and bring it to life in time and space.


AWAKEN believes that people who follow Jesus should be the most generous people around. God has poured out love and blessing on us so that we can be a blessing to the world. Just like Israel, we are blessed to bless others. Living a life of generosity is at the core of what it means to follow Jesus. We will be generous with our time, energy, resources and love.


We believe that faith in the life, death and resurrection of Jesus has the power to change lives. We want to see people's lives changed, marriages healed, the power of addiction broken, families restored and the entirety of people's lives changed by the Gospel.


Prayer will be our first response. We will encourage prayer in our gatherings, our small groups, our families and our individual lives. We must participate and value prayer as the means by which we stay connected to the Spirit of God in our community. Prayer is our connection to the heart of God.


We understand that everything that we do as a church is a derivative of the fact that God has sent us. We worship a sending God! One who sent Israel and then Jesus into the world. One that now sends His Spirit empowering His church, all for the purpose of the redemption of all things in Christ. 


We believe that salvation brings people together as a reflection of a triune God: Father, Son and Spirit. Saved from sin by faith through grace, the people of God are able to live in relationship with God, each other, and our world. The call of the church is a communal one. One that includes all races, classes, and ethnicities around the same table united by Christ. We cannot do this alone, nor should we. 


We as a church will not assume that people will come to us, but rather we will go to where the people are. We will incarnate the love of God in the world as we DEMONSTRATE the love of Christ in and through acts of service, while ANNOUNCING the way of Jesus.